When a request is made using the /run endpoint, or if a job takes longer than 30 seconds to complete when using the /runsync endpoint, a job ID will be returned. This job ID is essential for tracking the progress of a job and obtaining its results upon completion. To do so, use the /status/{job_id} endpoint described below.

Check Job Status and Retrieve Results

To check the status of a job or retrieve its results once completed, make a request to the /status/{job_id} endpoint, replacing {job_id} with the specific job ID received earlier.

  1. Checking job status: If the job is still in progress, the endpoint will return the current status of the job (e.g., "IN_QUEUE", "IN_PROGRESS", "FAILED", "COMPLETED", ).
  2. Retrieving job results: If the job has been completed successfully, the endpoint will return the results of the job.

Please note that you should periodically poll the /status/{job_id} endpoint to monitor the progress of your job and retrieve the results once it has finished.

Note: Job results are kept for up to 30 minutes after a job is completed.

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